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Mail: okadaic [at] heikinritsu.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/okadaic

Iku Okada is an Author, Editor and Designer. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Moved to New York City since 2015. Also as known as ‘okadaic’ in social media.

Worked for 8 years as a magazine and book editor at a publishing house in Japan. After turning freelance in 2012, Iku authored two autobiographies and one co-written book. Well-versed in Japanese literature and Otaku culture, appeared on many TV programs and magazines as a cultural commentator. Several essay series are running in magazines and websites.

More than an experienced editor and author, Iku has just started her international career in the field of graphic design. See also her [ Design Portfolio ] and [ detailed CV ] in English.

Please feel free to contact directly if you’re interested in. For inquiries or information of the books will be answered by each of publishing houses.