岡田 育 | Iku Okada | @okadaic


著作と主な活動実績については、こちら をご覧ください。もう少し詳しい自己紹介を読みたいという方は、こちら をご参照いただければと思います(2020年1月4日付)。

IKU OKADA (岡田育) defines herself as a Storyteller; both an experienced writer and awards-winning designer. Her career started from a magazine editor in Tokyo, before making the literary debut in 2014. Iku authored several books of narrative essays, and also appeared on media as a culture critic. Now she keeps writing based in New York City, the publications have been translated into multi-languages. Graduated from Parsons School Of Design in 2017, visual communication became her second language. Proficient in both digital and hand-set skills, Iku delivers the best solutions on graphics, illustration, editorial, and brand narrative.

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